Academic Jobs at LNBTI for Japan Graduated Sri Lankans


Position Openings for Sri Lankan Academics to Contribute to the First and Only Japanese Higher Education Institute in Sri Lanka, Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI)

(A) Background:
As you may know, Professor Ananda Kumara (Former President, Sri Lankan Academics Association of Japan; Founding Dean, Faculty of foreign Studies; Former Deputy President, Suzuka International University), has already resigned from the Meijo University and now assisting the establishment of the first and only Japanese higher education institute in Sri Lanka (and in the whole South Asia), Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI).
LNBTI has been planning to expand their activities in Sri Lanka and the recruitment of few energetic academics is a part of such programs. As the LNBTI has been conducting the education programs in Sri Lanka with the final objective of dispatching the graduates to Japanese IT companies, this seems to be an ideal chance for the Japan-educated Sri Lankan graduates (Graduate School in particular) to join the academic staff of the LNBTI. In addition to the regular academic activities at LNBTI, the selected candidates will also serve to strengthen the relationship between Japan and Sri Lanka.
Professor Ananda Kumara has made a special request to our association to provide this information to the young Sri Lankans who wish to contribute this “Pioneer academic venture with the Japanese investment in Sri Lanka” (Major in IT related Studies) by joining to the academic staff.
Those who are interested are invited to send their CVs to the LNBTI through the following link. Information about the majors is available through the following link.

(B) Important Points (not mentioned in the following advertisement):

  1. Understanding of Japanese working/social culture and/or Japanese language ability is an (are) added qualification(s) (not mentioned in the advertisement below).
  2. Senior lecturer position is to be offered for the right candidate with more than 5-year teaching experience. However, those with less teaching experience also may be considered with a proven exposure to Japan (not mentioned in the advertisement below).
  3. Salary: An attractive salary, negotiable, will be offered to the right candidate, and will be decided according to the institute policy.
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(C) Positions to be Filled:
LNBTI is planning to recruit suitable academics for
(a) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer.
(b) Instructor/Demonstrator

Note: In particular, for the position of Senior Lecturer, LNBTI plans to recruit a suitable academic with a Ph.D. who has graduated/about to complete a Ph.D. from a Japanese University in the IT related filed (please refer to the link below for details).

Interested participants are requested to submit the CV immediately.
Online interviews (more than two times) will be conducted for those who have passed the first screening process (assessment based on the CV and/or related documents).

(D) Current Programs at LNBTI
Three models of courses targeting the Japanese market are currently available at LNBTI.

 Model 1: After A/L => 3 Years in Sri Lanka (internship included), and transfer to the 3rd year so Japanese partner university and then join a job in the IT industry
 Model 2: After A/L => 4 Years in Sri Lanka (includes internship) and get a UK Degree (Greenwich University, B.Sc. Honors in Computing and Information Science: either one) and then join a Japanese IT company after completing the degree
 Model 3: After O/L => 5 Years in Sri Lanka ( (includes internship) and get a UK Degree (Greenwich University, B.Sc. Honors in Computing and Information Science: either one) and then join a Japanese IT company after completing the degree. => For the first time in Sri Lanka
Currently, another model (Model 4) is now being planned.
 Model 4: After A/L => Will be coming soon (Targeting same type of IT jobs in Japan, after 4 years study in Sri Lanka) (Planned)

Please feel free to contact Prof.Ananda Kumara (email address below) or the LNBTI for further clarifications.

Contact person in Japan:
Professor Dr.Ananda Kumara アーナンダ クマーラ
Director, Academic Affairs, Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI)
Professor Emeritus, Meijo University
(Former Professor and Founder Dean (2016~2020), Faculty of Foreign Studies、Meijo University)

Send the CVs to