Sri Lanka Ambassador Designate to Japan


Sri Lanka Ambassador-Designate to Japan assumed duties Mr. Sanjiv Gunasekara, Sri Lanka Ambassador-designate to Japan assumed duties on 6 January 2021, in Tokyo. He is the seventeenth Sri Lanka Ambassador to Japan during the last 69 years of bilateral relations of the two countries. The event of the assumption of duties of the Ambassador-designate included the invoking of the blessings of Buddhists, Hindu, Islamic and Christian.

The Chief incumbents and other Buddhists monks of Sawara Lankaji Temple, International Buddhist Centre ? Hachioji, Fuji Sugatha Senasuna and Tsukuba Sri Sambuddhaloka Temple attended the event.   Mr. Sri Sarujan Sathyamoorthy, Abdull Lathif and Dr. Nimfa Jayamanna conducted the blessings of Hindu, Islamic and Christian faiths respectively. Senior office bearers of the all Associations connected to Sri Lanka in Japan also attended the event followed by alms-giving to Maha Sangha and other religious dignitaries organized by the staff of the Embassy.

Mr. Gunasekara, the new Ambassador-Designate explained his objectives during his period which were assigned to him by H.E the President. Further increasing and expanding bilateral relations of two countries and especially exploring strong economic relations are key priorities of his work. Ambassador-designate explained his strong intentions to find more Japanese investments in Sri Lanka, increase employment opportunities in Japan, Japanese tourists to visit Sri Lanka and increase exports to Japan. 

Mr. Gunasekara is a Businessman by profession and processes several businesses in Los Angeles in the US. He also had been a team leader of many charitable engagements both in the US and Sri Lanka. He possesses Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Management and Bachelor of International Relations from Beloit College Wisconsin and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University.