SLAJ Membership Payment & AGM

As you know SLAJ 2017/2018 term is coming towards the end. Thank you very much for your support given. We are now planning for the next SLAJ AGM.

If you have not completed the membership fee payment please deposit it soon as we need to prepare the SLAJ budget.
1- Permanent members
We have raised the permanent membership fee to 100,00 yen from 50,000 yen during the last AGM. Thus if you haven’t make the balance fee (50,000 yen) please deposit that amount soon.

2- All other members
If you have not paid the membership fees please deposit the membership fee soon.

The bank details are given below.
Bank:Japan Post Bank
Account Number : 10510-76963801
Branch Number : 058

We would announce the AGM details within a week. Thank you very much for details.