Farewell dinner for deputy Ambassador Mr Chandana Weerasena


Hosted an another farewell dinner for deputy Ambassador Mr. Chandana Weerasena at Ceylon Inn Restaurant in Tokyo today. Mr. Iwase Kiichiro, the Deputy Director Southwest Asia Division, Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan join with the SLBCJ, SLAAJ and SLAJ for the event.

Some peoples are thinking diplomatic relationship means a sign document between two countries. Yes, it can be for some countries. But this is “Japan”. Anyone can not work in Japan without understanding Japanese mentally. Over 30 years of my experience in Japan, I can say that the real diplomatic relationship is not only the document. It’s the relationship what we have with Japanese people. This is a good evidence for it. I call to Mr. Iwase this morning to inform about Mr. Chandana’s farewell. He had some other appointments. But he told me that “even little-bit late, definitely I will come”. This is why I always says that “Japan is a our nearest and most friendly country for us”. Japan is not doing anything behind or against for us. We should leave our “yanki” mentally and work with them as a family.* Note that mask removed only for the photo.