Year 2022 association activities

  • 2022/02/01 - 2022/12/31
  • Location : IAEC
  • Organized by : Inter Association Executive Committee

1) Monthly “Poyaday” program conduct conduct by the temples in Sri Lanka and in Japan 
2) SLAJ life insurance program taking more public using temples, mosque and churches in Japan  
3) Online program about SLAJ life insurance (13th February 2022 from 7pm) 
4) Sinhala & Hindu New Year program (17th April 2022) 
5) Dry food donation program in Sri Lanka (1st week April)
6) Start a scholarship program for students in Sri Lanka
7) Online workshop about Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) program (March & September) 
8) SLAJ year end party (25th December 2022)
# Programs discerption will update time to time

Sri Lanka Association in Japan